City Wellbeing

City Wellbeing focuses on creating built environments that support people being healthy in their everyday lives. Our vision is that neighbourhoods, towns and cities will be planned, designed, developed and managed to promote and protect health for all people.

City Wellbeing incorporates the work, as well as access to resources, of the Healthy Built Environments Program  – HBEP. 


Fact Sheets

The Healthy Built Environments Program prepared a set of Fact Sheets that summarise key points from the Literature Review.  There are five Fact Sheets:


Fact Sheet 1: A guide to “Healthy Built Environments: A Review of the Literature”

Fact Sheet 2: The Built Environment and Physical Activity

Fact Sheet 3: The Built Environment and Connecting and Strengthening Communities

Fact Sheet 4: The Built Environment and Providing Healthy Food Options

Fact Sheet 5: The Importance of Green Open Space


You can download the full set of Fact Sheets here.

Page Last Updated: 23 Jun 2015