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Donald K Turner Address

Donald K Turner Address
Architectural Culture; From Site to Society

By Philip Thalis | Hill Thalis Architecture + Urban Projects

Date: Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Time: 6.30pm

Venue: Ainsworth Theatre G03, UNSW Kensington


Please join us for the Donald K Turner Address, presented by Philip Thalis.


Architecture’s relationship with city, its site and society is enduring yet ever evolving. Its presence is articulated through its ideals, models and intrinsic physicality.

Architecture's endurance demands that we act with both conscious awareness of the past and optimistic anticipation of the future.  To negotiate this dichotomy, we draw upon the inexhaustibly rich foundation of the disciplinary knowledge of architectural culture.

As Rafael Moneo noted (The Murmur of the Site), ‘architecture belongs to the site ... Understanding what is to be ignored, subtracted, erased, added, transformed etc., from the existing conditions of the site is fundamental to the practice of architecture.’

This touchstone - our admiration and respect for the best architectural works across historical periods, pressures and political systems - has disciplined our approach to the seemingly disparate collection of projects that we have realised in 25 years of practice.

In this lecture, we turn the lens of architectural culture back onto the work of our own practice - retracing our steps from built project to inception to locate each within our understanding of its broader architectural lineage. 

In doing so, we seek to honour and acknowledge the importance that architectural and urban culture has played in the evolving work of our practice, and to embolden us all to more determinedly wield the richness of this disciplinary knowledge in our roles as makers, translators and defenders of city and society.


About Philip Thalis

Philip is a registered architect founding principal of Hill Thalis Architecture + Urban Projects with more than 25 years local and international experience across a broad spectrum of architecture and urban projects. The practice has become recognised for the diversity of its architectural output and independent standpoint.

Under Philip’s direction, the practice has won more than 70 awards, commendations and competitions for architecture, urban design, planning, public domain and heritage projects. While Hill Thalis has successfully undertaken some of Sydney’s most important urban projects, the practice operates at a range of scales across building types.

His extensive knowledge of Sydney’s architecture and urban history is widely respected and he regularly contributes to leading journals. His book, Public Sydney: Drawing the City, co-authored with Peter John Cantrill was published in 2013.

Philip combines the direction of the practice with research, teaching and public lectures. He has recently been elected as a Councillor of the City of Sydney as part of the Clover Moore Independent Team, to expand his advocacy for public space and the public good into the political sphere.



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