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Global Climate Change Week

A number of our UNSW Built Environment academics are engaged in very inspiring work in mitigating and adapting to climate change in our cities. 

Join us for their presentations at a pecha kucha style session, followed by drinks and conversation in the Red Centre Gallery. 

In 3 minutes, they will present:

  1. Who they are, including their disciplinary background and research area
  2. What they're known for, including what they have achieved and or projects they are working on in relation to climate change mitigation
  3. What they have to offer, what they aim to achieve, partnerships they're looking for and networks they want to establish

Presenters include:

  • Professor Bruce Judd & Dr. Edgar Lui | Lower income barriers to low carbon living
  • Bruce Watson | Sustainable and affordable living through modular homes and communities
  • Scientia Professor Deo Prasad AO | Contributing > 10% to Australia’s COP21 commitments while enabling local industry growth
  • Associate Professor of Practice Elizabeth Farrelly 
  • Associate Professor Hank Haeusler | Bio Shelter: Designing Reef habitats for Sydney Harbour by merging computational design with marine bio-innovation
  • Associate Professor Harry Margalit 
  • Dr. John Blair | Climate change mitigation, Indonesia and Sydney
  • Dr Lan Ding | Decision-Support for Government and Developers in Climate Mitigation
  • Professor Martin Loosemore | Building resilience to extreme-weather-events in Australian Hospitals
  • Professor Mattheos Santamouris | Impact of Local Climate Change and Development of Advanced Mitigation Technologies 
  • Dr. Mohammad Mojtahedi & Associate Professor Sidney Newton | Resilient Buildings and Infrastructure for Living in a Changing Environment
  • Dr. Philip Oldfield | Beyond Operations: The Importance of Embodied Carbon in the Built Environment 

Date: Friday 14 October
Time: From 4pm
Location: Ground floor, Red Centre Gallery

Find out more about UNSW Global Climate Change Week via the website or UNSW Facebook page.


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