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UNSW Built Environment Professor Michael Neuman returns from lecturing in Iran

22 Aug 2014 - by Built Environment  |  Staff

In April and May of this year, UNSW Built Environment Professor Michael Neum...

Best of both worlds: partnership between UNSW Built Environment and Cox Richardson Architects

19 Aug 2014 - by Built Environment  |  Architecture, Planning
UNSW has appointed leading architect and urban planner Philip Graus as the firs...

Professor Mark Tewdwr-Jones lectures at UNSW Built Environment

Professor Mark Tewdwr-Jones , Professor of Town Planning from the University of N...

Joshua Flowers announced as finalist in 2014 Reece Bathroom Innovation Awards

15 Aug 2014 - by Built Environment  |  Community, Industry, Student, Award ...

Third year Industrial Design Student, Joshua Flowers has been announced as a fina...