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How to Apply - Master of Architecture


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There are two intakes per year:

  • Semester 1 (March) intake, apply by November 30
  • Semester 2 (July) intake, apply by May 30

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Entry requirements for MArch

Admission is available to students with a first degree from a nationally accredited undergraduate program (or equivalent) in Architecture, together with evidence of a capacity to consistently achieve grades at credit level or higher. 

Additionally, applicants from international universities are required to provide:

  • A portfolio of their design work. A portfolio in digital format is preferred but hard copy portfolios will be accepted. The portfolio should include sample works from various stages of their first degree and text should accompany all drawings/images to explain the projects. Professional work can be included, but the degree of responsibility of the work must be stated.

The different categories of eligible applicants and their specific admission requirements are outlined below:

  1. 65 credit average (or equivalent) in applicant’s undergraduate architecture degree OR
  1. A UNSW 70 high credit WAM across the following courses:
  • ARCH1311 Architectural Design Studio 5
  • ARCH1361 Architectural Science and Building Environment 2
  • ARCH1331 Architectural Fabrication
  • ARCH1302 Architectural Design Studio 6
  • ARCH1322 Architectural History and Theory 3

Applicants who have completed their undergraduate degree at another institution will be assessed on the basis of the final year compulsory courses in their undergraduate architecture degree OR

  1. Applicants who have a completed the Bachelor of Architectural Studies (or equivalent) but do not meet the entry requirements specified under either 1 of 2 above may be considered after they have obtained work experience in an architectural office. Work experience will be individually assessed based on the following submission:
  • A logbook record of a minimum 12 months fulltime work or the equivalent.
  • A referee report from the employer
  • A portfolio of the work undertaken during this period

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Note: For applicants from China who have studied at a non-project 211 or non-project 985 institution, the normal minimum academic requirement is the equivalent of a mark of 80%.
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