Construction Project Management

  • 7123, 8123, 8124
  • Full-time or part-time
  • Semester 1 (March) or Semester 2 (July)
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Construction projects are becoming more and more complex for a number of reasons including projects are larger in scale; technological advancements and applications of new construction methods and materials. Furthermore, clients have higher expectations during a project’s construction and of the final outcome. Postgraduate degrees in Construction Project Management provide the skills and knowledge to meet these evolving challenges.

There are millions of dollars and weeks (or months and years) of time to be saved by appropriate management of the entire project development process. The management of construction projects embraces and comprises all of the modern management methodologies and principles of project management and applies them across the different phases of the construction project life-cycle to achieve successful project outcomes in terms of time, cost, quality, safety, and sustainability.

Australia’s construction industry is among the leaders of the world in management skills and construction technology. Many advanced construction projects of great complexity have been successfully completed in the last decade. These sophisticated modern methods have been applied to the management of the entire project life-cycle. Innovative contract procurement such as PPP methods and fast tracking and integrated computerised information systems form an integral part of many projects of world renown. 

This three-tiered program (Graduate Certificate, Master of Construction Project Management and Master of Construction Project Management in Professional Practice) has been designed to provide excellent opportunities to students for advanced study in construction project management in full or part-time modes.

The aim of the program is to improve proficiency of practitioners in the construction and property industry to meet current and future challenges. This allows students to develop their knowledge base in managing construction projects and provides the best practices for life-long learning.

To download the Master of Construction Project Management (MCPM) Postgraduate Degree flyer, click on the eBook icon below.

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