Construction Project Management

  • 7123, 8123, 8124
  • Full-time or part-time
  • Semester 1 (March) or Semester 2 (July)
  • see Program Details

About Master of Construction Project Management

The Master of Construction Project Management (MCPM) is designed to improve proficiency of practitioners in the construction and property industry to meet current and future challenges. You will learn modern management methodologies and principles of project management and apply them across the different phases of the construction project development life-cycle.

Why study the Master of Construction Project Management?

Australia’s construction industry is among the leaders of the world in management skills and construction technology. Through this program you will learn sophisticated modern methods where you will learn general management and project management principles and techniques. You will learn to apply these principles and techniques to the management of large-scale and complex construction projects.

Learn from academic expertise

You will learn from highly acclaimed academics and experienced industry professionals who have the expertise in sophisticated modern project management skills, and ensure what you learn is relevant to current real life projects. The academics are leading researchers with diverse backgrounds and teaching experience.

Develop life-long research skills

The program will allow you to develop life-long practical research skills, a capacity to think critically, logically and creatively to make better decisions, solve problems effectively and ethically, and enable you to be the future industry leader.

Benefit from close links with industry

You will benefit from strong participation and support from Australia’s leading construction and project management personnel, with learning content that is modern and advanced. Throughout the program there will also be industry networking opportunities allowing you to establish contacts with potential employers and colleagues in the construction industry.

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