Property and Development

  • 8127
  • Full-time or part-time
  • Semester 1 (March) or Semester 2 (July)
  • 1.5 years



Why undertake the Master of Property and Development?

If you are interested in a career in development, investment and management of property and infrastructure or any professions that serve this industry, this degree is suited to you. The degree will provide you with valuable education that will broaden your base in careers of architecture and landscape architecture, construction, engineering, urban planning and law.

The degree combines built environment and commerce perspectives to reflect both European and North American approaches to real estate, together with an Asian focus.

Why study Master of Property and Development at UNSW?

The flexible degree allows you to undertake a generalist Master of Property and Development study, or specialise in Development & Investment, or Assets & Facilities Management. It stresses creativity, problem solving and an interdisciplinary approach. The degree is structured in a practical manner which supports both work and study schedules.

Become part of a booming industry

Each year nations commit more than half their capital outlays to land development, building and infrastructure. The challenge is the ability to rapidly move from essentially responding to client requirements for structures to providing business solutions and sustainable communities. This makes property development a key sector of the economy.

Career Opportunities and Accreditation

As a graduate, you will have an opportunity to work in a wide range of areas in the industry, such as property development, property analysis, property finance, property agency, property management, and asset and facilities management.

Upon completion of this degree, you can become a member of Australian Property Institute (API) and Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), subject to the relevant institutions designated practical experience requirement.


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