Urban Renewal and Housing

About the Urban Renewal and Housing Program

The Urban Renewal and Housing (URH) program is designed for all those looking to play a part in the equitable reshaping of Australia’s cities. Hosted by UNSW Built Environment, this program plays into the growing centrality of urban renewal in debates on Australia’s metropolitan future. Likewise, appropriate and effective housing policy is increasingly recognised as crucially important not only in enhancing urban quality of life and social equity, but also in maximizing city productivity. For a growing body of planners, policymakers and consultants, urban renewal and housing matters are therefore of central interest.
Enrolment in Urban Renewal and Housing can be for the full Master Degree (1.5 years full-time) or for the Graduate Diploma or Graduate Certificate versions of the program. Especially for potential students in employment and wishing to study part time, the most attractive option may be the Graduate Certificate package. This involves roughly one third of a full Master Degree, both in terms of timescale and cost. Studying part time – one course per semester – the Graduate Certificate version can be completed in 1.5 years. If desired, a student can then build on the Graduate Certificate through enrolment for the full Master Degree.

Why study Urban Renewal and Housing?

The degree is designed to cater for those looking to enter or advance a career in the urban policy or practitioner space whether in state or local government, in consultancy, in social or private enterprise settings. This program is for students graduating from geography, social policy, planning and other built environment programs, as well as for mid-career professionals working in relevant sectors.

Deepen your understanding through diverse learning approaches

The degree utilises a range of teaching strategies to enhance your learning experience. As well as lectures, you will participate in case studies and field trips, as well as student-led workshops. Senior policymaker and practitioner guest lecture contributions will provide you with a major "real world" component to complement your academic learning.

Develop learning through wide-ranging interdisciplinary studies

You will gain an understanding of:

  • the history of city development;
  • the drivers and evolving interpretations of urban renewal;
  • the financing and management of renewal projects;
  • the aims, objectives and instruments of housing policy;
  • analytical techniques for housing markets;
  • community participation  and urban governance;
  • advanced research methods.

The program will draw on insights from a range of disciplinary traditions including social policy, law and economics.

Develop an international perspective on urban renewal and housing agendas

Many of the sessions feature international comparisons to contextualise Australian agendas, especially relating to urban renewal and housing policy and practice in North America and the UK.

Benefit from research-informed teaching

Being closely associated with UNSW’s City Futures Research Centre, one of Australia’s leading urban research groups, the program is informed by CFRC’s cutting edge policy-focused studies on housing, planning and related topics.

Work and study at the same time

This program has been developed with professionals in mind. All core courses are taught on Fridays and Saturdays to minimise disruption to your professional responsibilities. This maximises scope for balancing your work, family and study time.

Your career outcomes

The degree will open doors into a range of urban professional realms. It is designed to help place you on a fast track to a senior role developing or implementing housing and/or renewal policy, whether in private, public or not-for-profit sectors.

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