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Simon Pinnegar

Director of Discipline - City Planning, City Planning, Urban Policy and Strategy, City Futures Research Centre, City Shaping


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Room 4044


Campus Kensington


Dr Simon Pinnegar is an experienced senior researcher with interests in metropolitan planning, urban regeneration, and affordable housing policy. He takes a lead in the City Future Centre’s current work on housing markets and on the Centre’s research on public housing estate renewal, including the longitudinal analysis of the regeneration of Bonnyrigg, tracking resident outcomes tied to NSW’s first housing PPP.

Simon graduated from the University of Oxford in 1992 with First Class Honours in geography, and subsequently completed an MSc in Geographical Information Systems at Keele University and an MA in geography (passed with distinction) from Carleton University and his PhD from University College London in 1999. His thesis examined how theoretical concepts of sustainable development became translated and presented through initial development, design and construction of a major visitor attraction created as part of the UK millennium celebrations.

Prior to joining City Futures in 2005, Simon was a Senior Research Officer at the Department for Communities and Local Government (then Office of the Deputy Prime Minister) working across housing, urban policy and sustainable communities directorates. His remit involved analytical support and strategic briefing primarily on aspects of housing market analysis, urban regeneration and renewal, urban design, and the management of a wide variety of Government research commissions including national evaluations.

Simon has also served as Director of the UNSW-UWS AHURI Research Centre and has worked on, and led, a number of AHURI projects in recent years .