Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

  • 1120
  • Full time or Part-time
  • Semester 1 (March) or Semester 2 (August)
  • 3 years minimum; 4 years maximum (full time)


Jiawen Han

Jiawen Han, PhD

“I chose UNSW because of its reputation in providing high quality research supervision and many scholarship opportunities. It was such an important choice for me, as doing research is always considered a lonely and long journey. Finally I made the decision after: identifying a supervisor who understood what I want to do; getting an idea of the open research culture in the UNSW community; and becoming impressed by the quality of the publications by UNSW researchers. It has been proved that I made the right decision.

“The Faculty of Built Environment provided me with a broader perspective in viewing architecture. The collaborative academic community, the open discussion between colleagues from different backgrounds and the guidance from the supervisors inspired me all the time. UNSW BE is also the perfect place make friends for life.

“My advice to anyone considering conduction research at UNSW is to be honest to your heart first. Research is a kind of journey which, while you might have an idea in your mind about what it will be like, you never really know until you set out. Keep an open mind – do not narrow the meaning of research to some jargon that overwhelms your paper. Research is all around us, all the time. From my experience, conducting research at UNSW is the best journey ever!”


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