Built Environment research is about cities, people, places, property, buildings, design, infrastructure, environment, landscapes, institutions, and the complex interactions between them.

It addresses a spectrum of vital policy and theoretical issues across a range of scales from different disciplinary perspectives examining Australian and international problems. Our overall mission statement is geared towards designing, delivering and managing sustainable 21st century cities and all their critical elements.

The faculty offers a collegiate and supportive research environment facilitating high quality and innovative research by both staff and students.


UNSW-Funded Research Grants

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Pettit, C
Australian National Data Service Central Contribution: $25,000
FBE City Futures Data Project

Pettit, C
NCRIS Agility Fund Central Contribution: $30,000
Australian Urban Research Infrastructure Network (AURIN)

Pettit, C
PLuS Alliance Collaborative Research Seed Grants: $25,000
Informed Urbanization - Understanding the Housing-Transport Nexus

Pettit, C
Major Research Equipment & Infrastructure Initiative: $130,000
Portable Geographical Visualization and Virtual Reality Lab

Santamouris, M
SJTU/UNSW Collaborative Research Fund - Seed Grant: $10,000
An Investigation into the Impact of the Urban Heat Island on the Energy Consumption and Environmental Quality of Buildings in Sydney and Shanghai.

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Osmond, P
Major Research Equipment & Infrastructure Initiative: $109,942
Items to support field research in high performance architecture and informatics at building, landscape/site and precinct scale.

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Bridge, C
Major Research Equipment & Infrastructure Initiative: $225,000
Novel pressure sensing surface system

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Park, MB
Major Research Equipment & Infrastructure Initiative: $45,860
Continuous gas analyser to measure the off-gases from processing electronic e-waste

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Peters, A
Major Research Equipment & Infrastructure Initiative: $132,800
GIS-based spatial data server.

Randolph, WG
UNSW Goldstar Award:  $40,000
Re-tooling Australian cities: can compact city policies deliver the numbers? 

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Randolph, WG
Major Research Equipment & Infrastructure Initiative: $251,000
City Futures Research Centre refurbishment.

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