OPINION Bradfield Oration: Imagine Sydney as three cities, says Turnbull

13 Dec 2016  |  Event, Lecture, Alumni, Industry, Staff, Planning, Design ...

By Lucy Turnbull, Adjunct Professor, UNSW Built Environment


Designing the buildings and cities of the future

By Fran Strachan

The design and planning of e...

Korean Architecture: the Old Giving Birth to the New

20 Oct 2016  |  Event, Lecture, Alumni, Community, Industry, Staff, Student ...

Built Environment Occasional Public Lecture

Architect Doojin Hwan...

Colliding worlds: Can good design make us happy?

by Fran Strachan

As technology rapidly changes the way we interact with products...

Luminocity 2016

A Built Environment Student Exhibition

What is it really like to design and build tomorrow’s cities? 

Come to Luminocity, an exhibition of student and graduate work and see for yourself.


Who Runs the City - Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Supported by Cox Richardson Architects