Designing the buildings and cities of the future

By Fran Strachan

The design and planning of e...

High Performance Architecture Research Cluster Seminar

19 Oct 2016  |  Event, Seminar, Alumni, Community, Industry, Staff, Student, Research ...

The HPA Research Cluster holds monthly seminars to facilitat...

Higher Degree Research Information Seminar

19 Sep 2016  |  Seminar

This seminar is aimed at currently enrolled 4th year FBE students and anyone interested in our research degrees. The...

A private rental sector paradox: unpacking the effects of urban restructuring on housing market dyna...

13 Jul 2016  |  Event, Seminar, Alumni, Community, Industry, Staff, Student

The private rental sector (PRS) is growing in many advanced economies due to declining home ownership and retrenchmen...

Luminocity 2016

A Built Environment Student Exhibition

What is it really like to design and build tomorrow’s cities? 

Come to Luminocity, an exhibition of student and graduate work and see for yourself.


Who Runs the City - Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Supported by Cox Richardson Architects