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About Interior Architecture

Interior Architecture is a globally recognised career that focuses on the design of interior spaces. Studying Interior Architecture at UNSW provides you with architectural and interior design skills.

You will have the unique advantage of learning:

  • interior design with architectural thinking
  • understanding the built and natural environment
  • “region to room”, studying large outside spaces and smaller interior spaces and how they influence each other
  • spatial design
  • how to create spaces that encourage human interaction
  • how interior architecture influences people in how they live, work, shop and travel
  • learn how to solve functional and aesthetic problems
  • shape the way people live

Why study Interior Architecture at UNSW Built Environment?

  • it’s the only interior architecture degree in New South Wales
  • UNSW launched the first interior architecture degree in Australia
  • work on real life case studies and projects as you would in paid employment
  • it’s your platform for a broad and global career
  • study your passions by selecting the subjects that interest you the most
  • work on real life projects and problems that need a solution now
  • our close industry relationships mean that you get introduced to the most sought after employers
  • gain global experience via our exchange program and our overseas study tours
  • graduates are professionally recognised by the Interior Designer/Interior Architecture Educators Association (IDEA)
  • your talent and skills are recognised beyond your ATAR. You can access this degree through the “alternative admissions” program. Click here for more information
  • you will be career ready and highly-sought after by employers in Australia and overseas

Why choose interior architecture over interior design?

  • the UNSW Bachelor of Interior Architecture (Honours) degree is globally recognised
  • with the interior architecture degree you will be equipped with a greater range of skills than interior design
  • you will broaden your employability and be able to work in both interior architecture and interior design practices
  • you will have the skills to communicate on the same level as an architect.

UNSW can kickstart your global impact

During your study with UNSW Built Environment you will have the opportunity to go on an international exchange program. UNSW has over 200 exchange partners from 39 countries so you literally have the world at your disposal. Once you have gained practical local knowledge and international experience while studying, the only question left is…which city in which country do you want to change?

Who can study interior architecture at UNSW?

High school students who attain an ATAR of 80 can apply. We also have an alternative admissions program which allows many other people the chance to study interior architecture at UNSW Built Environment, such as:

  • HSC students who are up to 10 points short of the ATAR
  • people who want a career change
  • people who have studied at TAFE or a college and want to build on those qualifications
  • mature age students

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