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Alternative Admission

We recognise that sometimes your Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) or equivalent might not reflect your potential in creative thinking and making. In response to this we have introduced an alternative admission scheme to the Bachelor of Interior Architecture (Honours).

This scheme gives Australian students completing their high school studies, or international students completing Australian high school qualifications, the opportunity to submit a portfolio of their work to support their ATAR (or equivalent). Students looking to transfer from another university or TAFE/college are also invited to submit a portfolio and it will be considered alongside previous academic achievement. This alternative pathway submission is not open to international students completing international high school qualifications.

Interior Architecture is looking for demonstrable potential in creative thinking and making, a commitment to the degree and the capacity to enrich campus life. The portfolio submission is a selection of your best own making and should describe to assessors in a few quick moments where your creative imagination and skills lie. How do I access the alternative admission scheme?

1. Create your portfolio

The portfolio is a concise gathering of creative work that provides evidence of your potential design capabilities and demonstrates your creative thinking and making.

Portfolios come in many shapes and contain a variety of artefacts, photography, previous design work, art, drawing, sculpture, digital and online work, process work etc. The content is a selection of your best own making and should describe to the assessors in a few quick moments, where your creative imagination and skills lie.

The size and number of items in your portfolio must establish your ability to consider both content and the assembly of that content in a coherent creative manner.  This portfolio should be considered as a type of visual literature review, a summary of your best creative outputs. It must be a maximum of five pages A4 digital format.

The portfolio should be crafted in a clever and enticing design manner, where the essence of your design work and the quality of the works assembly communicate to the assessors your aptitude for this degree. Risk and originality of thinking and making are something we embrace.

You are at the beginning of your design studies so this is a portfolio that demonstrates your aptitude for study rather than your completion of design studies – don’t be scared as we know you are not a graduate of design yet!

It is essential that the portfolio itself and all the work in it has been created by you.

To find out more information on how to put a good portfolio together watch the lecture 'Preparing your Portfolio for Alternative Entry' video, presented by Bruce Watson, Discipline Director, Interior Architecture.

2. Write a cover letter

Write a cover letter that explains in no more than 350 words, your interest in studying Interior Architecture at UNSW. It should briefly and honestly tell us what you are about in relation to the study of Interior Architecture at UNSW.

The letter will also tell us of your other interests and capabilities that would assist you in a university career in design. It should be a personal response to the following statement:

“Interior Architecture is the Architectural shape of Interior Design and encompasses the creative thinking and making of all possible Interior environments. At UNSW Interior Architecture, we foster within our students the idea of interiority as a breadth of conditions and experiences within a 21st century global context.”

3. Submit your portfolio and letter

Submit your portfolio and letter online here (hard copies will not be accepted).

4. Interview

After the first three criterion as above have been considered, a number of interviews will be offered to potential candidates based on their submissions. The interviews will be a face-to-face 30 minutes discussion and will be conducted by UNSW Interior Architecture staff.

View the information talk given by Bruce Watson, Director of Interior Architecture on what makes a good portfolio.

How will places be allocated?
All offers are made through UAC in the usual way, that is, we fill available places starting with the highest ranked students and work down the ranked list until we have made all the offers we can down to the expected cut‐off.  If there are places remaining, applicants who have submitted a portfolio and are within 10 points of the cut‐off will be re‐ranked based on a combination of a portfolio and interview scores and ATAR (or equivalent). The remaining places will be offered to applicants in ranked order until remaining available places have been allocated.
You must have the UNSW Bachelor of Interior Architecture (Honours) as a UAC preference to be eligible. 
Some general advice:
  • Have someone check your work for spelling and grammar, but ultimately the work must be your own and not copied from someone or somewhere else.
  • Submit only your best work if you have lots to choose from. As submissions are made via our admissions website, we will not be accepting hard copies or any physical pieces.
  • The size and number of items in your portfolio must establish your ability to consider both content and the assembly of that content in a coherent creative manner.
  • The portfolio should be crafted in a clever and enticing manner. Risk and originality of thinking and making are something we embrace. Think about the layout of your portfolio and how it is presented, its graphic qualities and the story it tells. We are not just interested in your final design or artefacts so including some of your process work, technical drawings, patterns or draft designs will help us understand the way you think and should be included in your portfolio a thoughtful manner.
  • The interview will be a short conversation with you and UNSW Bachelor of Interior Architecture (Honours) staff. You should demonstrate your research, understanding and interest in this field of study. This is a chance for you to convey your strengths for study in the Bachelor of Interior Architecture.
Important dates: 
  • Submit your portfolio and letter: Applications open 9am on 1st September 2017 and close at 4pm on 15th November 2017
  • Applicants will be advised whether they have been selected for interview by 28th November 2017
  • Interviews will take place in the week commencing 4th December 2017 


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