Utzon Symposium

What would Utzon do Now?

Architecture | City Marking | Political Economy | Heritage

The 4th International Utzon Symposium
7-9 March 2014
Sydney Opera House

Authors and Papers

Time slots for the official program are currently being allocated. See below for titles from selected authors who have been chosen to feature at the 2014 international Utzon Symposium.

In addition to the keynotes and below speakers, you will also hear presentations from industry professionals associated with Jørn Utzon.

Theme: Practice

Improved cost performance through more effective management of uncertainty - Sidney Newton, University of New South Wales, Australia
An icon recreated: Integration of BIM into design and management of architectural building services - Roland Towning and Christopher Lock, Steensen Varming, Australia
Understanding Utzon’s works through 360 degree photography - John E. Kroll, Architect and photographer, Denmark
Visions of an interactive Utzon archive: Tangible, visual and interactive experiences of Utzon works - Liselott Stenfeldt Aarhus University, Denmark and Kaj Grønbæk, Alexandra Institute, Denmark
An empirical typology of cost overrun in infrastructure projects by using cluster analysis - Fahad Saud A. Allahaim, PhD Candidate, and Li Liu, The University of Sydney, Australia
Building a universal design legacy: What might Utzon do differently? - Catherine Bridge, University of New South Wales, Australia, Greg Killeen, Spinal Cord Injuries Australia and Satoshi Kose, Shizuoka University, Japan


Theme: Architectural Theory

Utzon’s beautiful ideas: An antidote to the Australian ugliness? - Adrian Carter, Aalborg University, Denmark
The Utzon paradigm: A humane, transcultural, tectonic and innovative approach within contemporary architecture - Adrian Carter, Aalborg University, Denmark and Roger Tyrrell, University of Portsmouth, United Kingdom
Design process and suitability: Utzon’s courtyard houses  - Johan Nielsen, Campus Sint-Lucas (Luca), Belgium
Semiotics as a guide for architectural formation - M. Salim Ferwati, Qatar University, Qatar
The Jorn Utzon architectural paradigm and the emerging world design experience – Dr Caitilin de Brigny Wall, University of Sydney, Australia, and Majdi Faleh, PhD Candidate, the University of Western Australia, Australia
Would Utzon Really Want to be Modern? -Musings arising from Utzon’s own houses - Xing Ruan, University of New South Wales, Australia


Theme: Conservation, Urban Conservation and Conservation of Contemporary Heritage

Excavating Utzon - Lise Juel, Royal Academy of Architecture Copenhagen, Denmark
Sydney opera house practical conservation management tools -Sheridan Burke, ICOMOS International Scientific Committee on Twentieth Century Heritage, GML Heritage, Sydney
The city of the future: Containing the past - Anne Warr, University of New South Wales, Australia
A customised approach in large-scale heritage documentationDouglas Pritchard, David Mitchell, Chris McGregor, Scotland


Theme: Tectonics

Setting the record straight - Gerard Reinmuth, University of Technology, Sydney
Optimizing fabric concrete casting techniques through digital simulation and fabrication - Jon Krähling Engholt Andersen, Aarhus School of Architecture, Denmark
Form and performance: Daylight as a generator of design in Jorn Utzon’s Can Lis - Martin Schwartz, Lawrence Technological University, United States
Utzon and the sun path as an organizing element of life in a house - Miguel Angel Rupérez Escribano, Universidad Politécnica De Madrid, Spain
A hybrid grid shell structure produced of digitally manufactured plywood and concrete components - Dave Pigram & Iain Maxwell, University of Technology, Sydney, Australia, Ole Egholm Pedersen & Niels Martin Larsen, Aarhus School of Architecture, Denmark
Concrete ambitions for Sydney - Dr Paola Favaro, University of New South Wales, Australia


Theme: Landscape

Varying winds, varying waves: Nature and/or landscape in Utzon and Aalto - John Roberts, University of Newcastle, Australia


Theme: Performance Design

Layers of Meaning: Extracting theatricality from Utzon’s Sydney opera house - Simon Dwyer, PhD Candidate, CQ University, Australia


Theme: Sustainability

The Sydney opera house: A sustainability rating test case? - Paul Osmond, University of New South Wales, Australia


Theme: Transcultural Influence

Utzon and Moneo: A critical conversation - Catherine Lassen, University of New South Wales, Australia
Utzon's influence in contemporary Spanish architecture - Jaime J. Ferrer Fores, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya Barcelona, Spain
Travels as a form of study - Line Nørskov Eriksen, PhD Candidate, University of Portsmouth, United Kingdom
A more vivid China for Utzon: In the case of Shazi - Mengbi Li, PhD Candidate, University of New South Wales, Australia
Transcultural analogies and metaphors: Utzon’s other China - Glenn Harper, PTW Architects, Australia


Theme: Place and Identity



Theme: Urbanism

Urban design and sustainability on Sydney’s western front - Cleveland Rose, Cleveland Rose Design, Australia
The Emerging City Workscape: Propositions for Sydney - Andrew Laing and Sue Wittenoom, AECOM Australia
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