Alumni and Supporters

Welcome to the UNSW Built Environment Alumni community. The Faculty has produced more than 12,500 graduates since its inception. Many of these graduates have gone on to become innovative thinkers, change catalysts and leaders in all facets of the built environment not only in Australia but around the world.

We encourage you to keep up to date with the Faculty and we are always interested in hearing news from our alumni. So if you are living in another country, have won an award, or are working on an exciting project or would like to get in contact with other Built Environment alumni please email us.


Support Us

Built Environment is grateful for the generous involvement and support it receives from alumni, industry, the built environment community and its professions.

Funding opportunities

Built Environment’s funding opportunities are significantly assisted by its alumni and external engagement links and determined by the Faculty’s priorities. These include:

  • Awards for disadvantaged and high-achieving students
    Awards and prizes offer students - irrespective of background – an opportunity to realise their ambitions and publicly recognises their academic talent and achievements. 

  • Collaborations and sponsorships with government, peak bodies and industry
    Collaborations on symposiums, festivals, design events and public programs are integral to the learning experience opportunities offered to students.  The Faculty is an active participant in the debate and discussion of issues that challenge and celebrate the built environment and partners with a range of organisations in doing this.

  • Leading research
    Built Environment’s research strengths are in: Architectural theory & history; Construction management; Design practice; Sustainable built environment; and Urban planning development & design. 
    City Futures Research Centre is the Faculty’s research centre and is dedicated to developing a better understanding of our cities, their people, the policies that manage their growth, the issues they face, and the impacts they make on our environment and economy.  Led by Professor Bill Randolph, City Futures is interdisciplinary in outlook and activity. It draws on both the skills and knowledge of those within Built Environment as well as those across UNSW whose interests coincide with a focus on the city.

  • Scholarships combining excellence and learning opportunities
    Postgraduate scholarships can be established to assist students in specific areas such as Indigenous education, rural isolation and research excellence. They are a vital way in encouraging excellence in further education and enabling focus on the field of learning and expertise.

Giving to UNSW Built Environment

To discuss your support for education and research at Built Environment please contact Kate Meyers, Development Manager, on 61 2 9385 9469 or at

Alternatively, donations can be made online, by post or by phone. To find out more about how to donate, visit Giving to UNSW at



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