Bondi Aftercare

Tiana-Jane Furner-McBeath
David Sanderson, Mark Szczerbicki

How can Bondi Aftercare reduce the reoffending rate for those impacted by Australia’s Justice System?

When a person is released from prison - no matter the length of time –  the leap between imprisonment and ‘freedom’ is almost always too much, as seen by the large re-offending rates across Australia. Bondi’s Aftercare program provides the gradual stepping stones required to re-adjust to life on the outside. The ‘stepping stone’ program understands that for a sustainable recovery and successful reintegration into society to occur, people need the freedom to select between different levels of social engagement and professional support. Bondi Aftercare has achieved this through a series of spaces, located across three sites. That have been researched to facilitate the appropriate needs for a more sustainable life.

Linked with Wayside Chapel, The Bondi Aftercare community centre stands by their mission of ‘building a community with no ‘us or them’.’ The centre invites everyone within the community to take advantage of its many facilities, individual and group programs. These include rehabilitative, medical and psychological support.