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ResearchStart Program

The ResearchStart Program provides a great opportunity for students to gain insight into research practice while developing research skills that will enhance future learning opportunities. The Faculty aims to promote and develop a research culture and to this end, the ResearchStart Program links students to an experienced academic staff member to work on a real-world research project. The program is targeted at 2nd year and above undergraduate students as well as postgraduate coursework students.

Grant amounts

  • undergraduate students $1600
  • postgraduate students $2000 

Below is the list of the 2016 selected projects and academics supervising projects.

2016 ResearchStart Projects

Laura Crommelin (with other City Futures Staff - Hazel Easthope, Laurence Troy, Chris Martin, Chris Pettit), Pristine Ong (Master of City Planning)
This house is not a home: exploring the use of residential property for non-residential uses in Sydney (pdf)
Francesco Fiorito and Philip Oldfield, Xin Pei Chong (Master of Architecture)
Design, fabrication and testing of an adaptive envelope component (pdf)
Samad Sepasgozar and Cynthia Wang, Kyar Nyo Yin (Master of Architecture)
Challenges of Implementation of Laser Scanners in Building Construction (pdf)
Scott Hawken, Maryam Gusheh and Katrina Simon, William Maynard (Architectural Studies)
Rapid prototyping of 3D Urban Landscapes : Industry 4.0 for architecture, landscape and urban design (pdf)
Miles Park, Andrew Abou Zeid (Industrial Design Honours)
Beautiful Obsolescence (pdf)
Lisa Zamberlan, Kien Van-Young (Architectural Studies)
Homeland: returning, remembering re-imagining (pdf)
M. Hank Haeusler, Annisa Rizal (Computational Design)
Enabling low cost Human Presence tracking - Using commodity hardware to monitor human presence in workplaces (pdf)

The ResearchStart grants are an initiative of the Office of the Associate Deans, Education & Research. For more information please email

For past winning recipients of the ResearchStart Program, click here.

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