Crises, construction and corruption | Annual Judith Neilson Lecture | UTZON Lecture Series

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This lecture will be livestreamed to UNSW YouTube below.

This year, we are honoured to have Professor George Ofori from London South Bank University joining us for a lecture on the complex relationship between crises, construction and corruption. 

The amount of devastation caused by crises such as earthquakes windstorms and flood is directly linked to the quality of construction of the village, neighbourhood, town or city a disaster strikes. Construction in turn is often at risk of corrupt practices, leading to more vulnerable buildings. When this happens, disasters are worse for these communities. It is no surprise then that the worst so-called natural disasters occur in societies where corruption is high. 

Following this lecture there will be a conversation between Professor David Sanderson and Professor George Ofori to discuss these links and examine what can be done to break this deadly relationship. Finally, you will hear what lies ahead for each speaker and their observations for this relationship in this unprecedented time. There will be an audience QnA with the opportunity to ask questions during the event by submitting your questions to the speakers. 

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Online Lecture
Event date: 
02 Dec 2020 6:00pm to 7:00pm