Greener Cities, Healthier Lives Seminar

Research involving the built environment and health disciplines is increasing at a rapid rate. This is because research collaborations between these disciplines have the capacity to address some of the most pressing problems for people, their wellbeing and their relationships to their environments.

This seminar is led by A/Prof Xiaoqi Feng in the UNSW School of Public Health and Community Medicine whose talk will summarise a recent reconceptualization of the domain pathways that link urban green space and health. This will be followed by short presentations from Faculty members whose work also spans health and the built environment including Prof Susan Thompson, Prof Mat Santamouris, A/Prof Paul Osmond, Dr Kate Dunn and Dr Christian Tietz. Working at multiple scales from city planning and design for population health to creating partial hands for children and youth, this work represents some of the most topical and compelling research being completed in the faculty at the moment.

The last half an hour will be a facilitated Q and A session which will give the audience a chance to ask questions of all the speakers

The Gallery, Ground Level, Red Centre West Wing, Faculty of Built Environment
Event date: 
25 Feb 2020 2:00pm to 4:00pm
Speaker Biography

Associate Professor Xiaoqi Feng is an NHMRC Career Development Fellow in the UNSW School of Public Health and Community Medicine and an Adjunct Professor with the National Institute of Environmental Health at China CDC. Xiaoqi leads a program of research focused on enhancing population wellbeing through identifying modifiable environmental factors (e.g. disadvantage, urban green space, food environment) that shape health and developmental trajectories and inequities among newborns, children, adolescents and women across the life course. She has authored >130 publications, led major research projects (funding >$6M, including NHMRC, Heart Foundation), and successfully translated her research into policy and practice.

Schedule of Talks:
A/Prof Xiaoqi Feng: Greener Cities, Healthier Lives
Prof Mat Santamouris: Urban Heat Island Work and Health
A/Prof Paul Osmond: Green Infrastructure Projects Shaping with the Health Precinct
Dr Christian Tietz: Healthy Living Hardware
Dr Kate Dunn: Partial Hands Project
Prof Susan Thompson: Healthy BE Projects
Q and A Session facilitated by Prof Linda Corkery