Luminocity 2019

The Luminocity exhibition is the annual showcase of work by undergraduate students from Architecture, Interior Architecture, City Planning, Computational Design, Landscape Architecture, Industrial Design, and Construction Project Management degrees. View their inspiring work and models, showcasing the diverse range of design and critical thinking skills – from hand-drawing, physical model-making and prototyping, to data-rich 3D modeling, coding, digital fabrication and immersive forms of mixed and virtual realities.

This collection includes Frédérique Sunstrum's 'Continuity' which was placed in the top 20 for the International Dyson Design Awards and Yishun Tang's 'Overnight Accommodation'  which was awarded the Undergraduate Medal from The Australian Institute of Architects (AIA).

ahmed composite ipad
Ivy Chen Design Studio 3
Linbei Huang Design Studio 3
Peggy Lo Wan Hui Urban Block
Unjelique Haijah Design Studio 3
Alanya Composite Ipad
Xue Ziyang (Kyle) Design Studio 3
Adib Imam Design Studio 5
Feiyang Yao Design Studio 5
Mah Zan Liang Gareth  Design Studio 5
Samad Composite Ipad
Yoyo Xiong Design Studio 5
Geremy Yip Design Studio 6
Yishun Tang Design Studio 6
Jesse James Computational Design Studio 1
Nimat Mistry Computational Design Studio 1
Nimat Mistry Computational Design Studio 1
Sanishka Balasooriya Computational Design Studio 1
Blair Yurong Huang Theory course
Michael Wu Theory course
Matthew Trilsbeck Graduation Project
Gethin Composite Ipad
Blair Huang & Daniel Yu Building Data course
Digital Making
Jack Beasley Industrial Design honours program
Susan Composite Ipad
Chris Barlin Industrial Design honours program
David Scholsner Industrial Design honours program
Frédérique Sunstrüm Industrial Design honours project
Anastasia Mitnovetski Industrial Design Studio 2A
Danny Le Second Year Industrial Design
Anastasia Mitnovetski Design Studio 2B
Danny Le Design Studio 2B
Riza Composite Ipad
Nicole Kyriacou Design Studio 2B
Benedicta Untariady
Isabelle Kleijn Interior Architecture Practice Studio 5
Jizhou He Practice Studio 4
Linda Composite Ipad
Junwei Huang (Johnson) Practice Studio 4
Mackenzie Peachey Practice Studio 4
Mackenzie Peachey & Grace Jenkins Practice Studio 5
Sara Shore, Kah Yee Than (Chanel), & Christopher Tjhia  Practice Studio 2
Aiden Wong, Eileen Yang, Hugo Zheng, Larissa Tse, & Nick Shi
Christine Composite Ipad
Ongwei Seng
Rulu Yu
Shuyi Gong
Thomas Surmon, Gabrielle Kutis, Jordan Snodgrass, Mingrao Zhang, & Rachel Pokorny
Russell Composite Ipad
Tanya Towell, Ruilu Yu, & Bede Leyland
He Jiang, Liu Zhou, Nan Xiao, Yijie Chen, Rulan Zhao
Virtual Reality Oculus Rift VR Headset & Unreal Engine 4
Xbox Kinect, projector, System 76 & sand
Luminocity2019 Interactive Realities