Equity & diversity

At UNSW School of Built Environment we welcome staff and students from diverse backgrounds.

UNSW aspires to ensure equality in recruitment, development, retention and promotion of staff, paying particular attention to ensuring no-one is disadvantaged on the basis of their gender, cultural background, disability or Indigenous origin.


ASPIRE is an award-winning outreach program working in communities where the number of students who go on to university is low. ASPIRE aims to help students who are experiencing educational disadvantage discover that they can achieve much more than they think they can. By building their confidence, providing information and experiences, ASPIRE puts a university education within their reach.

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Through its Disability Inclusion Action Plan, UNSW is striving to create a campus culture that recognises the needs of people with disabilities and ensures the learning and teaching experience is welcoming and inclusive and that the University’s built and digital environment is accessible for staff and students with disability. We believe that an organisation is enriched by and benefits from a community that is diverse rather than homogenous.

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At UNSW School of Built Environment we have an Academic Disability Advisor (ADA), who is the direct point of contact within our school for disability or mental health support for staff and students. The ADA can answer any questions related to learning adjustments or accessible learning resources, and can help mediate communication between Equitable Learning Services and course convenors. The ADA can also assist with booking a field trip participation assistant or alternative examination invigilator, plus provide guidance on group work for persons with disability.

BE Academic Disability Advisor
Dr Alanya Drummond
Red Centre, Level 4, office 4013

Engaging Women in the Built Environment event series

2016 saw the first "Engaging Women in the Built Environment" event, part of a series to encourage a more equitable quota of women in leadership in the built environment industry. To ensure we continue the conversation, we invite you to join our newly created LinkedIn Group on engaging women in the built environment. We would be delighted to share your thoughts, ideas and advice for women in the built environment.

You can view the presentations of the 2016 event here.


We believe that Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender students ought to be able to enjoy their time with us without experiencing any sense of alienation or ill-treatment at the hands of either staff or fellow students in the University. UNSW School of Built Environment aims to provide a safe, supportive and welcoming environment for all students regardless of their race, sex, age, religion, disability, sexual orientation or gender identification.

Nura Gili

Nura Gili provides pathways to learning opportunities that embrace Indigenous knowledge, culture and histories. Nura Gili strives for excellence in educational services and works towards assuring participation and access to all the programs it offers. The staff and students at Nura Gili support community outreach programs to actively spread the message of the availability of tertiary studies. Staff and students also work to promote the centrality of arts, culture and heritage for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples - throughout UNSW and the wider community.

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Our scholarships help students to achieve their potential and enhance the experience of individuals who might otherwise struggle financially to maintain a place at university. They reward excellence, encourage international mobility, diversity and equity, all critical themes in the UNSW 2025 Strategy.

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