Master of Urban Development and Design: International Studio

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Hangzhou, China or Beijing, China

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31 October to 19 November 2019

Course dates Hangzhou:

21 November 2019 - 11 December 2019


Master of Urban Development and Design students


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International Studio - Hangzhou, China or Beijing, China

In 2019, the UNSW MUDD Program offers a choice of two International Urban Design Studios in China at the northern and southern ends of the Grand Canal (a UNESCO World Heritage site) in Beijing and Hangzhou respectively, as part of our ‘China Focus’ celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the MUDD Program.

The Beijing Urban Design Studio (31 October -19 November), hosted by Professor Yu Kongjian, Dean of the Graduate School of Landscape Architecture, Peking University will explore Eco-City alternatives for the eastern periphery of Beijing at Tongzhou, the ancient gateway to Beijing from the Grand Canal and now the seat of the Beijing Municipal Government. Working with GSLA students, the studio will critically engage with issues of sustainable urbanism in today’s China, integrating urban form with social and environmental concerns in accordance with new guidelines on urban planning and design promulgated by the Chinese government in 2016 together with the 2013 ‘Sponge City’ national policy promoting Water Sensitive Urban Design. The Studio will address the following challenges: the mitigation of urban heat; the loss of productive farmland; the impact of the recently-proclaimed urban growth boundary on Beijing; the new role of ‘Characteristic Villages’ on the urban periphery as community lands serving the city; and the heritage values of the Grand Canal.

The Hangzhou Urban Design Studio (21 November – 11 December), hosted by Professor Wu Yue, Qiushi Distinguished Professor and Vice Dean, College of Civil Engineering & Architecture, Zhejiang University will also be engaged with Eco-City principles in developing alternative proposals for an extensive brownfields site – a former iron and steel mill – on the Grand Canal, 11km north Hangzhou. Working with graduate students from the ZJU College of Civil Engineering & Architecture, the studio will explore the potential of these former industrial lands - and some surviving industrial installations – to be regenerated as a new urban district served by three metro lines, integrated with the complex hydrology and heritage values of the Grand Canal water network. The New City proposals will critically test China’s 2016 guidelines on urban planning and design, and ‘Sponge City’ policy.

The UDES0003 Studios are available in two formats, either as a standalone 6 UOC overseas workshop, or as a 12 UOC double course combining the overseas workshop with Summer Term continuation back at UNSW, 6 January-7 February 2020.

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Core course for Master of Urban Development and Design, all other Built Environment graduate students with design background, or who have successfully completed a MUDD course, can apply to join by submitting an expression of interest form.

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