MUPS International Research Studio

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23 August 2019 - 6 September 2019


Masters of Urban Policy and Strategy students


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MUPS International Research Studio - Chile

This research studio is the capstone experience of the Master of Urban Policy and Strategy degree. It focuses on major urban projects and large-scale urban interventions that are complex by nature and may include financial and commercial centres, tourism and recreation development, housing areas, transportation and other urban infrastructure, along with the policy issues raised in international cities.

Students will study a major infrastructure project, development or unique policy setting outside of Australia, enabling them to engage with a global city or region with a unique sociocultural, economic and political context. They will be able to apply integrated knowledge and a skillset to critically analyse the manifestation of policy decisions which result in changes to urban form, function and city spatial structures. Central to the studio is developing an understanding of the regional context in sociocultural, political, economic and environmental terms through expert briefings and field investigations and consideration of these factors in the urban policy process and appropriateness.

Key Information


Students conduct research on and engage with a variety of data sets and quality of life indicators in order to understand the complexities of international developments, projects or plans from multidisciplinary perspectives and their impact on cities, producing evidence-based reports on urban development and community visioning processes and to suggest policy, leadership and financial solutions to complex issues. On their return to Australia, each student will prepare a comparative analysis report taking an issue from the learning overseas and applying it to the current policy environment in Australia.

Eligibility criteria

Enrolment for this course is restricted to students of the Masters of Urban Policy and Strategy program.