18 Feb 2019

Professor David Sanderson is applying his background in humanitarian response and management, to address the needs of people in the most vulnerable areas of the world. 

18 Feb 2019

‘Engaging’, ‘inspirational’ and ‘dedicated’ are just some of the words students used to describe Associate Lecturer Tracy Huang.

E-waste in India
15 Feb 2019

For as little as $4 a day Indian workers process dangerous, toxic waste by hand. This unregulated, highly polluting industry is hidden away from police eyes.

Grenfell Tower
11 Feb 2019

The risks of combustible cladding on high-rise buildings have long been known. And audits have identified hundreds of Australian buildings with this cladding. Delay in replacing it is inexcusable.

The 'Coolbit'
11 Feb 2019

A wearable device to provide personal safety warnings while gathering environment data is being developed by UNSW urban climatologist Negin Nazarian and an international team.

Social housing building in Melbourne
06 Feb 2019

If we recognised social housing as infrastructure as essential as transport links, schools and hospitals, not properly investing in it could become unthinkable.

Opal Tower
05 Feb 2019

While Opal Tower residents are more badly affected than most, up to 80% of multi-unit buildings have serious defects. Here's what government can do right now to fix the industry.

17 Jan 2019

Building defects in apartment blocks are far from unusual. We need to identify the systemic flaws contributing to them.

17 Jan 2019

Eva Prats and Ricardo Flores have built a portfolio that combines the rehabilitation of old buildings with creating new public spaces.

10 Jan 2019

It's tempting to blame building certifiers and the fact they are privately employed. But the cracks in the quality of our apartment buildings go deeper and can be fixed.

02 Jan 2019

Meet the Landscape Architecture alumni behind Brooklyn-based landscape design, installation and maintenance firm HARRISON GREEN

Claire Ferguson
11 Dec 2018

“Even planners can’t plan for opportunities – so take them as they come!” - Claire Ferguson, Bachelor of City Planning