08 Apr 2021

Projects for 2021 funded by the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute are timely, practical and policy relevant.

Shape the Future through Creativity
16 Feb 2021

Complex situations require complex solutions, and it’s only through creative thinking, knowledge sharing and collaboration that we reach these. It’s this knowledge and spirit that’s at the heart of UNSW’s newest school - Arts, Design & Architecture (ADA).

28 Jan 2021

Most Australians working from home were happy to do so before COVID hit, but research has identified several key factors in whether these arrangements work out well.

Benita Chen part of Re-Ply design team at BVN New York
18 Dec 2020

UNSW Interior Architecture graduate Benita Chen is turning waste into welcoming spaces with the ‘Re-Ply’ team to help bring New York’s communities back together.

14 Dec 2020

UNSW Sydney had 43 researchers in the top 10,000 last year in the world’s most comprehensive standardised citation database.

07 Dec 2020

The step-by-step guide helps strata property owners and managers with the process of identifying and rectifying defects in apartment buildings.

04 Dec 2020

They might be seen as noxious, but it turns out there is an unappreciated side to weeds.

27 Nov 2020

Tackling corruption could help alleviate the scale of crises and its impact on vulnerable people, says international construction management and economics expert Professor George Ofori.

20 Nov 2020

With parks and other green spaces often at a premium on the ground, could we look to the skies for the answer?

11 Nov 2020

The dramatic changes to the workforce brought about by organisational responses to COVID-19 are only likely to accelerate the shift to smart cities, say experts at UNSW Sydney.

10 Nov 2020

If you can look beyond the harsh exterior of brutalist architecture, you may find there is a little bit of beauty in buildings made of concrete.