17 Jan 2019

Building defects in apartment blocks are far from unusual. We need to identify the systemic flaws contributing to them.

17 Jan 2019

Eva Prats and Ricardo Flores have built a portfolio that combines the rehabilitation of old buildings with creating new public spaces.

10 Jan 2019

It's tempting to blame building certifiers and the fact they are privately employed. But the cracks in the quality of our apartment buildings go deeper and can be fixed.

02 Jan 2019

Meet the Landscape Architecture alumni behind Brooklyn-based landscape design, installation and maintenance firm HARRISON GREEN

Claire Ferguson
11 Dec 2018

“Even planners can’t plan for opportunities – so take them as they come!” - Claire Ferguson, Bachelor of City Planning 

Aerial view of the 2011 Brisbane river flood. Image: iStock
10 Dec 2018

Australia's coastal settlements are highly exposed to the impacts of climate change. Climate-resilient urban landscapes that can cope with large amounts of water need to become the new normal.

Renee Aquilina
04 Dec 2018

Despite being drawn to a wide range of career paths while growing up – veterinary science, architecture and nutrition, all possibilities – there’s no doubt that Renee Aquilina has finally found her calling.

Professor Sisi Zlatanova
03 Dec 2018

Professor Sisi Zlatanova is a leading international authority on 3D geographic information systems. Her research investigates the production and management of 3D digital models for large public buildings, with the aim of improving accessibility, safety and emergency response procedures.

28 Nov 2018

UNSW Built Environment student Diana Espiritu will spend her summer working with an arts-based NGO in Cambodia, collaborating on a festival and expanding the exchange of knowledge across cultures.

27 Nov 2018

For most high school leavers, a trip to the careers advisor’s office can help to narrow down a long list of options for the future. But Rohaan Taneja only had eyes for a Bachelor of Industrial Design (Honours). 

26 Nov 2018

The task of cooling cities, improving thermal comfort and reducing energy consumption were discussed at the UNSW Built Environment event

UNSW BE Deans update
22 Nov 2018

A round-up of the latest UNSW Built Environment news from the Dean, Helen Lochhead. Thursday, November 22, 2018