27 Jun 2019

Australian classrooms are recording high levels of carbon dioxide and other pollutants, says Built Environment Professor Mat Santamouris. 

Red Centre, UNSW Sydney
29 May 2019

The strength of UNSW Built Environment’s research performance has again been reaffirmed as among the best in the world.

15 May 2019

The delivery of affordable housing in Australia is in desperate need of a shakeup, says UNSW City Futures Research Fellow Dr Laurence Troy.

High-rise construction
01 May 2019

Fires and building failures highlighted serious gaps in Australian building regulations. But recent revisions and recommendations still fall short of preparing our buildings for climate change.

01 Apr 2019

The aim of the Australia-India Knowledge Exchange Workshops hosted by UNSW Built Environment was to build partnerships and share best practices.

27 Mar 2019

The City Futures Research Centre’s new ARC Linkage Project will put the multi-unit housing sector under the microscope and propose specific changes to protect people buying units.

Parliament House
22 Mar 2019

The problems with housing systems in Australia and similar countries run deep. Solutions depend on a fundamental rethink of our approach to housing and its central place in our lives and the economy.

15 Mar 2019

A European Union aid program has selected UNSW Built Environment Professor Mat Santamouris to help develop energy building codes for Indian Ocean island nations.

15 Mar 2019

Housing markets never have met the lowest-income households' needs. Now is the time to tackle problems that have been years in the making by creating a better system to supply their housing.

The 'Coolbit'
11 Feb 2019

A wearable device to provide personal safety warnings while gathering environment data is being developed by UNSW urban climatologist Negin Nazarian and an international team.

Professor Sisi Zlatanova
03 Dec 2018

Professor Sisi Zlatanova is a leading international authority on 3D geographic information systems. Her research investigates the production and management of 3D digital models for large public buildings, with the aim of improving accessibility, safety and emergency response procedures.

26 Nov 2018

The task of cooling cities, improving thermal comfort and reducing energy consumption were discussed at the UNSW Built Environment event