A village lies in ruins after an earthquake on the Indonesian island of Lombok this year. Photo: Shutterstock
15 Nov 2018

The release of a key Red Cross report at UNSW Sydney highlighted the risk to low-income communities in the Asia-Pacific.

By making short-term letting more efficient and less risky, digital platforms like Airbnb have reduced numbers of long-term rental properties in some areas. Image from Shutterstock
08 Nov 2018

Short-term letting via digital platforms benefits some in the market at the expense of others. Closer regulation might be needed in Melbourne and Sydney, where a permissive approach prevails.

Jo da Silva
02 Nov 2018

Globally renowned engineer Jo da Silva will share her experiences of humanitarian crises and empowering communities to reduce their vulnerability to powerful destructive forces.

Urban Resilience
30 Oct 2018

UNSW Built Environment will host the inaugural Urban Resilience Asia Pacific Conference, which will explore how vulnerable communities can prepare for natural disasters and climate change.

04 Oct 2018

Fostering robust partnerships and seeking a collective and collaborative approach towards green, accessible, functional and liveable housing will be what experts from GRIHA Council and UNSW Built Environment will focus on at the 10th GRIHA Summit

02 Oct 2018

UNSW Built Environment’s Maximilienne Whitby is striving to make public buildings and spaces easier for neurodiverse people to access.

A prototype of the Centaur Pod.
17 Sep 2018

A unique origami-style meeting room that can respond to the behaviour of people has been designed

03 Sep 2018

UNSW researchers have discovered a way to reduce overheating in Darwin by up to 2.5C, reducing th

13 Aug 2018

The UNSW City Futures Research Centre project presents important data on how the community is taking to a major piece of expanding infrastructure.

Built Environment student Deeksha Nathani (L) and researcher Sarbeswar Praharaj (R)
23 Jul 2018

Sarbeswar Praharaj is developing an interactive data portal for visualising and assessing smart cities readiness in 100 cities across India, including Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata.

17 Jul 2018

Another affordable housing pact between the Commonwealth, states and territories came into effect this month. But with no new funding, the agreement may be different from predecessors in name only.

16 Jul 2018

Professor Catherine Bridge has a national and international reputation in the area of enabling environments