26 Oct 2016

By Natalie Galea

How do we get more women in hard hats?
11 Oct 2016

While women on construction sites aren’t fronted with signs saying “you’re not welcome”, it’s the thousand paper cut reminders that continue to drive the female drought, says PhD researcher Natalie Galea.

Who has the right to use the road?
17 Aug 2016

Professor Chris Pettit was invited onto the BBC program "Impact" to discuss driver and biker behaviour after a motorist posted a Facebook video featuring himself trying to harass cyclists in their bike lane.


Financing Construction Innovation Through the Power of the Crowd
08 Aug 2016

By Professor Martin Loosemore, Bachelor of Construction, Management and Property

Despite continual changes in the focus of innovation policies between Liberal and Labour governments in recent years, one common thread has been the belief that small business and start-ups represent the foundation of an agile, innovative and prosperous Australia.

Finding our “place” in Australia’s cities
08 Aug 2016

By Miles Gough

To help combat social isolation in Australian cities, we need urban places that better reflect the diverse needs and identities of local communities and suburbs, UNSW researchers say.

What Rio can learn from Sydney
08 Aug 2016

By Fran Strachan

What will happen to Rio’s multi-million dollar Olympic venues once the last national anthem’s been sung?

The Challenges in Creating a Supertall Sydney
19 Jul 2016

By Dr. Philip Oldfield

As a high-rise apartment boom sweeps Australia, a new City of Sydney plan could see supertall skyscrapers appear on our skyline for the first time. This new planning strategy will allow towers on certain sites in the CBD to reach a height of 310 metres, up from the previous limit of 235 metres. 

24 Jun 2015

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10 Nov 2014

UNSW Built Environment is celebrating the award of

15 Nov 2013

Summing to a total of over $2M, City Futures scored its best-ever haul in the 2013 Australian Res