04 Dec 2020

They might be seen as noxious, but it turns out there is an unappreciated side to weeds.

27 Nov 2020

Tackling corruption could help alleviate the scale of crises and its impact on vulnerable people, says international construction management and economics expert Professor George Ofori.

20 Nov 2020

With parks and other green spaces often at a premium on the ground, could we look to the skies for the answer?

11 Nov 2020

The dramatic changes to the workforce brought about by organisational responses to COVID-19 are only likely to accelerate the shift to smart cities, say experts at UNSW Sydney.

10 Nov 2020

If you can look beyond the harsh exterior of brutalist architecture, you may find there is a little bit of beauty in buildings made of concrete.

09 Nov 2020

A little support could go a long way to help us stay in our homes and age with grace.

04 Nov 2020

The adage goes that if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.

03 Nov 2020

The Commonwealth government must rethink rent assistance to lift Australians out of housing stress.

28 Oct 2020

If having a pet just isn’t practical for your lifestyle, could a robotic companion be the next best thing?

23 Oct 2020

The emergence of these pseudo-public spaces raises fundamental questions about the value of a public domain that is by the public, for the public.

19 Oct 2020

Australia found shelter for more than 33,000 rough sleepers and other homeless people during the pandemic, but a coming surge in homelessness demands a comprehensive national housing strategy.

Piano in empty interior
09 Oct 2020

Our experience of the built environment is augmented by more than what we can see.