A mosque sinking by polluted water and abrasion in Jakarta, Indonesia
13 Sep 2019

Moving the capital from Jakarta to a sparsely populated location in East Kalimantan may cause environmental degradation, but the country needs it regardless.

Professor Helen Lochhead, Professor Louise Chappell, Professor Robyn Norton, and Associate Professor Tracey O’Brien
12 Sep 2019

Leaders in the fields of medicine, law, public health and built environment named on the 2019 AFR 100 Women of Influence list.

Sasha Lesiuk
09 Sep 2019

Master of Architecture student Sasha Lesiuk will spend six-months in Genoa, Italy, working with the Pritzker Prize-winning architect.

Professor Oya Demirbilek
06 Sep 2019

Industrial Design Professor Oya Demirbilek is using co-design, a participatory and collaborative approach that can improve the environment and wellbeing.

03 Sep 2019

A system of devices, that includes an ‘earring’ that can be worn by diabetics to help monitor their health and an insulin oral delivery device, has been awarded a Gold Award by the Good Design Awards for designer Frédérique Sunstrüm.

03 Sep 2019

Transitioning from university to the ‘real world’ can be daunting, however UNSW architecture students are given the opportunity to connect learning to real-life problems and people.

30 Aug 2019

Over the past seven years more than 100 research projects at the

29 Aug 2019

With the help of UNSW lecturer Dr Alanya Drummond, North Sydney Council will become the first city to ban smoking in all public areas in an effort to ensure healthier and more liveable cities.

28 Aug 2019

“What we need to do is rebuild confidence in Australia’s building and construction sector,”

Heat map of Parramatta CBD.
27 Aug 2019

Cooling strategies, such as increased greenery and shading and the installation of water features to mitigate urban heat can increase comfort by 50-60 per cent.

Sydney Harbour
22 Aug 2019

UNSW Built Environment will host the Association of Pacific Rim Universities (APRU) Sustainable Cities and Landscapes (SCL) Research Hub conference from 29 August to 1 September in the Roundhouse on the UNSW Sydney campus.

Engaging Women in the Built Environment
22 Aug 2019

See the highlights of the 2019 event and hear from our fantastic line-up of speakers.