Sydney Urban Lab 2019
21 Aug 2020

Our architecture schools have the power to both exacerbate and ameliorate the climate crisis.

Panaroma drone shot of Sydney CBD
20 Aug 2020

The built environment is critical to pandemic recovery plans. 

Modern open plan kitchen
19 Aug 2020

In-home kitchens were on the chopping block for a while, but now it seems they’re back on the menu.

13 Aug 2020

Increasingly hostile designs are emerging to keep members of the public out of public space.

07 Aug 2020

Ghettos of crime, drugs and vice? Full of people bludging off the state? That's typical of the unfair stigma attached to public housing, and it distracts us from more fundamental issues.

04 Aug 2020

The 5G revolution could trigger an e-waste avalanche, but there are ways we can stem the flow, UNSW industrial design expert says.

03 Aug 2020

NSW pet tenancy laws do not reflect the needs of society, with strata by-laws impacting the vulnerable, say UNSW experts.

31 Jul 2020

Whether it’s art or porn, ruin photography tells a deeper story than what’s behind the lens.

24 Jul 2020

These unsanctioned footpaths defy design, but is that necessarily a bad thing?

Girl on a climbing frame in sunlight filtered through thick bushfire smoke
22 Jul 2020

A study during last season’s bushfires provides vital insights into the multiple interplays between weather extremes and air pollution.

UNSW Built Environment – Message from the Dean 
17 Jul 2020

On Wednesday 15 July 2020 some important changes were announced by Professor Ian Jacobs, UNSW’s P

14 Jul 2020

Tonight I’ll be having new cycling lanes with a side of bike parking.