Slum on the edge of a city
13 May 2020

Many are speculating about the pandemic changing how we plan and use our cities. What they overlook is how many people live in unplanned settlements where it's more likely to be business as usual.

12 May 2020

The pandemic has brought to a head deep-rooted problems with how housing is provided in Australia. Fortunately, the solutions can play a central role in the national recovery process.

Pedestrian friendly street
11 May 2020

Wider footpaths, separated cycleways and pedestrian-friendly streets could become the norm, says a UNSW Built Environment expert.

green spaces
30 Apr 2020

UNSW’s Paul Osmond says the design of buildings and cities need to change after this pandemic.

Houses in the suburbs
28 Apr 2020

Key property market metrics, before and during the coronavirus pandemic, are displayed in real-time on an interactive map.

police car in bushfire smoked
28 Apr 2020

The disasters have come one after another. While they may not be entirely preventable, we can take many practical steps tailored to local needs and conditions to reduce the impacts on our cities.

balcony garden
27 Apr 2020

You can live in an apartment and still have the garden of your dreams.

two people running
23 Apr 2020

We need urgent measures to support safe walking, cycling and social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic, Australian experts say.

Person who is homeless
21 Apr 2020

Two top UNSW academics are calling for an end to the homelessness crisis in Australia that will last beyond COVID-19.

Home office set up
16 Apr 2020

The office we return to will be quite different to the one we left.

Housing in Sydney
14 Apr 2020

For the first time in decades, the property market no longer seems like a 'safe' investment.

10 Apr 2020

No continent is more vulnerable to the COVID-19 pandemic. The most vulnerable people pay the highest price, and this time Africa will struggle to get help as other nations fight their own battles.