09 Apr 2020

Representatives of tenants and agents agree that leaving individuals to try to sort out rent reductions has created a mess. It calls for government to step in to look after both renters and landlords.

Young boy in urban setting
09 Apr 2020

It is well known that over half of the world’s 70 million refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs) do not live in camps, but in towns and cities. 

Annie Tennant
08 Apr 2020

Architecture alumna Annie Tennant reflects on her mentoring relationship with Master of City Planning student Annalise Ifield.

27 Mar 2020

The coronavirus epidemic will test urban resilience, and we must rise to the challenge, says UNSW professor.

24 Mar 2020

Housing is our first line of defence against coronavirus, so leaving someone homeless increases the risk for everyone. Australia should follow other countries in imposing a moratorium on evictions.

24 Mar 2020

While natural events like earthquakes, windstorms or bushfires can trigger large-scale disasters,

23 Mar 2020

With COVID-19 forcing many industries online, a tool co-created by a UNSW Associate Professor makes this move easier for architects and designers.

Benita Chen
20 Mar 2020

Benita Chen designs workplaces and public spaces at BVN.

19 Mar 2020

The latte line shows the socioeconomic divide in Sydney's East and West.

16 Mar 2020

Freely available public data could help shape better cities that are accessible and inclusive.

09 Mar 2020

As public space becomes premium in our cities, could boutique sidewalk activations known as parklets be the solution?

05 Mar 2020

The proposed law does little to give people confidence in the apartments they buy. And it utterly neglects the role of architects and on-site inspections in delivering sound buildings.