Red Centre, UNSW Sydney
29 May 2019

The strength of UNSW Built Environment’s research performance has again been reaffirmed as among the best in the world.

Indigenous flag
28 May 2019

Indigenous culture doesn’t necessarily measure personal and policy success the same way as non-Indigenous politicians and bureaucrats. Photo: Shutterstock

27 May 2019

The Faculty of Built Environment student services are now being delivered from The Nucleus: Student Hub

national kaohsiung centrefor the arts concert hall
23 May 2019

Award-winning Dutch architect Francine Houben will explain her humanistic approach in the next UNSW Built Environment UTZON Lecture.

 Burj Khalifa skyscraper in Dubai
20 May 2019

It would be difficult, but we could probably build a tower over 2,000 metres tall, which would be like ten normal skyscrapers on top of each other! This is probably not a very good idea though.

Diana Espiritu
20 May 2019

UNSW Built Environment student Diana Espiritu excited by her time in Cambodia undertaking professional work placement with an artist-run organisation.

15 May 2019

The delivery of affordable housing in Australia is in desperate need of a shakeup, says UNSW City Futures Research Fellow Dr Laurence Troy.

Sydney CBD
14 May 2019

Major public and private CBD property developments are increasingly meeting ‘design excellence’ standards, UNSW Built Environment researchers have found.

Broad Museum Plaza
14 May 2019

Celebrated landscape architect, artist and designer Professor Walter Hood explores how public space can embrace the past, present and future.

10 May 2019

Ancient Rome and its empire had the concept of asylum at its heart. Its legacy provided inspiration for centres of power around the world, but today outsiders are no longer welcome.

10 May 2019

Reforms to the negative gearing and capital gains tax rules will improve housing affordability for renters over time, says Professor Hal Pawson at UNSW Faculty of Built Environment.

PowerMe Table
06 May 2019

Multidisciplinary built environment teams are developing smart street furniture that will improve our enjoyment of public spaces.