High-rise construction
01 May 2019

Fires and building failures highlighted serious gaps in Australian building regulations. But recent revisions and recommendations still fall short of preparing our buildings for climate change.

26 Apr 2019

Academic and industrial research that is properly funded and well coordinated contributes to quality of life and economic prosperity.

International House Sydney
24 Apr 2019

The 'plyscraper' is the product of breakthroughs in materials and the desire for sustainable urban living, says Dr Philip Oldfield, Associate Professor in UNSW’s Faculty of Built Environment.

18 Apr 2019

The destruction of the prominent landmark and ‘heart and soul’ of the city is also an opportunity to rebuild and restore responsibility for the culture we create.

Sydney city
17 Apr 2019

For two decades, a competitive design process pioneered by Sydney City Council has been transforming the city skyline and, new research shows, raising standards as it goes.

couple in new home
16 Apr 2019

Housing policy is a stark point of difference at this election. While the government took promising steps to set up social housing finance, it has yet to give any sign it will finish what it started.

Mike Harris, Larissa Tse, Trystan Graham
15 Apr 2019

To celebrate World Landscape Architecture Month, Lecturer Mike Harris discusses his passion for landscape architecture with Landscape Architecture students Larissa Tse and Trystan Graham.

apartment housing
11 Apr 2019

Years of regulatory failure are having direct impacts on the hip pockets of the many Australians who bought defective houses or apartments. It's turning into a multibillion-dollar disaster.

08 Apr 2019

UNSW’s Founders 10x Accelerator Program helped a young entrepreneur prepare his building industry risk management tool for launch in the US.

01 Apr 2019

The aim of the Australia-India Knowledge Exchange Workshops hosted by UNSW Built Environment was to build partnerships and share best practices.

27 Mar 2019

The City Futures Research Centre’s new ARC Linkage Project will put the multi-unit housing sector under the microscope and propose specific changes to protect people buying units.

Parliament House
22 Mar 2019

The problems with housing systems in Australia and similar countries run deep. Solutions depend on a fundamental rethink of our approach to housing and its central place in our lives and the economy.