30 Jan 2020

People die protecting homes. They are wrong to believe their homes will protect them.

Tiny house
29 Jan 2020

There has been significant growth in small house living, but that doesn’t mean Australia should go big on them.

26 Jan 2020

Trailblazing UNSW Sydney academics join distinguished alumni and friends on the 2020 Australia Day honours list.

23 Jan 2020

The Dean of UNSW Built Environment says it’s possible to build more fire resistant homes, but designs need to use best practice principles to be resilient.

21 Jan 2020

A research team from UNSW Built Environment is using 3D mapping technology to help improve fire safety and crisis response procedures for Fire and Rescue NSW.

17 Jan 2020

Could city parklands be used to house endangered animal species?

Dr Joshua Zeunert
13 Jan 2020

Dr Joshua Zeunert's new project will forecast potential scenarios to inform decision-makers and help ensure our food supply security.

multiple generations
10 Jan 2020

Living with your parents is not all about saving money or free childcare, says Dr Edgar Liu from UNSW’s City Futures Research Centre.

09 Jan 2020

Air purifiers with a HEPA filter are an expensive option. Plugging ventilation holes in walls helps, but there are also dangers.

Professor Mat Santamouris
09 Jan 2020

Through High-Performance Architecture, Professor Mattheos Santamouris tackles problems affecting most of the population of the world.

Students working together brainstorming ideas on paper
07 Jan 2020

Students discover that increased inclusivity and flexibility in workplace design will be crucial for future workplaces. 

Public BBQ
23 Dec 2019

Barbecues in our local parks need to change to reflect the diverse needs of our communities, says the Director of the Industrial Design program Dr Christian Tietz.