UNSW Gallery & Cafe

Jade Lau, First Year Architecture
John Gamble, Course Convenor

The gallery is designed to be the most important space, while the cafe is used for casual visits and/or a resting stop. The gallery aims to gather people in a light-filled space, allowing circulation around a common structure, generating discussion. Both the cafe and gallery are designed to create a sense of space, revealing the surrounding context to the user while being enclosed in another. Hence the outdoor area is to be used to its full potential, allowing easy access to the building from 4 entrances. The cafe is easily accessible and convenient, allowing quick buys for busy university students and staff, but also allowing comfortable seating both indoors and outdoors for longer stays. The cafe accommodates students, staff, and other guests - everyone is encouraged to visit, and they will find their place in the cafe. A sense of community and harmony is created between the two buildings, allowing a connected collaborative space.