A Place For Self in the Classroom

Ashleigh Edinburg
Phillip Oldfield

In the future, automation and AI will replace the need to work. As a result, the role of education will change. It will no longer be a pathway to employment. It will become a place for the whole community.

This new model of education recognises the strengths and potential resources in communities, where teaching spaces are diffused within the community. Learning is shared between students and the community: a learning ecology, where the community is a school and the school is a community.

There are opportunities to develop architectural interventions in the community at a range of scales. Here, the large scale ‘school’ is envisioned as a space that fosters the unique qualities of the individual. A school that recognises that young children need a range of spaces, to collaborate, to learn, but also to escape.

Inhabitable walls are used to expose and protect a range of spaces for formal and informal learning.