Influence On Affluence

Min-Tsung Cheng
Professor David Sanderson and Mr Mark Szczerbicki

Research Question: How can architecture enable more inclusive communities?

In Bondi there are extremes of wealth and poverty. Most of the apartments in Bondi are for the affluent. Lack of affordability and a diversity of housing creates a closed society that has the potential to exacerbate fear of the ‘the other’. However, challenging ‘the haves’ through architecture and the creation of neighbourhoods for the “have nots” has the potential to create more resilient communities. Through this approach the Wayside Chapel can integrate with wider social groups in a safe and equal manner.

The architectural manifestation of these ideas is a series of protective, transparent and interactive spaces within the building for individuals to use and be themselves. The building makes a statement for Bondi and embodies the the Wayside Chapel’s motto ‘no us and them.’ The functions and facilities of this new building act as a catalyst for the future and facilitates the emergence of a more resilient community.