Zijian Hong
David Sanderson & Mark Szczerbicki

<p>Social isolation is a very common phenomenon in modern society.People of different ages are becoming increasingly less connected, and this is especially evident among children and the elderly. The loss of opportunities for social engagement may be considered a key reason for this isolation. This project aims to solve this problem through a system of mutual exchange in which everyone gains when they give. This project aims to create an ‘oasis’ in which everyone can find their own values. By using children and the elderly as the starting point, the final purpose is to enable groups of people to become more connected, and to aid the development of future society through an engaged community.</p>

<p>This design aims to create diverse communication pathways through dynamic and spiral circulation in the building. The circulation enables opportunities for building users to make choices, and enables a degree of randomness and surprise, rather than limiting people to prescribed paths and destinations. Through this circulation system, people are able to freely engage in different programs as they are walking through the building. These programs adapt over time as society develops.This building is like a container or a platform that everything has the chance to happen here.</p>