Carless City

Pichanon Phasupong
Jon Jacka, Rob Harper

In today’s world, most people live in cities built with plenty of spaces and infrastructure for cars. People have been very dependent on cars to go places and that’s why our built environment always cater for such need. However, this mode of transport does not have much consideration on the environment and social aspects, with the issues of air and noise pollution as well as a lack of social connection around car-oriented development. This project aims to tackle these challenges and explore the way to reduce our car dependency through the design of urban framework and housing.

From detailed research of four city precedents ,Hafen city, Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Freiburg, an urban framework was adopted as an ideal framework that could reduce car network and increase pedestrian density. A site near the beach in Monterey was chosen to test the idea. The results describe a series of residential buildings rising from ground floor retails that promote pedestrian activities and increase the connection to public transport nearby.