Home Away From Home

Candace Chia-Ching Lee
Matthew Pullinger, Sue Wittenoom

How might a diverse community improve the affordability of living for people in Sydney and contribute positive energy back to society?


Australia embraces many different cultures, and it has become a second home for many foreign residents including workers, immigrants and international students. However, like many Australians, they find the affordability of housing challenging and are forced to compromise, often accepting poor living conditions or longer travel times. 

This project aspires to build a community - an affordable and sustainable community - where a diverse mix of people are brought together to truly feel at home. It encourages people to interact with each other and with nature, in both private and shared spaces. It provides communal kitchens and dining spaces, libraries and study rooms, shared laundries and rooftop gardens - all to help create a richer experience for residents while reducing energy consumption and the costs of living.

Timber is used throughout the building, creating an atmosphere of light and air, similar to a tree-house archetype. The use of timber also establishes a warm, tactile material quality for the project which is good for people and good for our precious planet.