Playing on the Paradox

Jacqueline Oliver
Matthew Pullinger, Sue Wittenoom

“How can urban renewal unleash
possibilities for innovation by the blurring
of landscape, architecture and water
through the exploration of algae in

“Playing on the Paradox” sees to draw on
the paradoxes of a notoriously ecologically
destructive industrial past and the
necessities of a green future for The Bays
Precinct. Seeking to remediate ecological
damage of the past 200 years this project
paves the way for a vibrant, sustainable
future for the precinct. Algae off ers the
potential to combat some of this damage
with potential in improving air quality
and being transformed into products
such as biofuel, bioplastics, medicine,
fertilizers, assisting to challenge issues of
CO2 emissions and destructive plastics
clogging our oceans.

This project adapts the Glebe Island Silos
into an “Environmental Billboard” covered
in a veil of photobioreactors acting as
the interface to the new algae “Algae Bio-
Hub Innovation District.” The adjacent
innovation and research building is an
innovation incubator aimed at inspiring
innovation allowing scientists and startups
to collaborate and unleash the
possibilities of algae in our future lives.