High density mixed-use urban arrangement

Jon Jacka

The idea of high-density mixed-use building arrangement is noble as the awareness for the protection of environment grows. There is a tendency for a community to become less cohesive due to different socio-cultural backgrounds. Thus communal– based activities which promote collective living can be implemented to inculcate community spirit. It is a mixed-use community that create an environmental-friendly place for people live, work and play.

This project is a study of mixed-use, a high-density urban arrangement which as a reaction for the zoned planning of the current controls in Sydney to test the possibilities of building developments. it aims to change the lifestyle for people and create better amenities. The idea inspired by Kowloon walled city, Dharavi in Mumbai and Vejer Spanish hilltop town at first and finally work out that projects of Peter Barber can be the key solution for this project.