Town Centre Housing with Marketplace

Nieke Angela Tjandra Djaja
Jon Jacka and Rob Harper

In today’s housing development, people most likely forget the importance of creating spaces for social interaction. They are too focused on providing private spaces that leads to social isolation. As a result, this limit people’s chances to interact with neighbour. Due to this reason, a further issue can occur. People will get disconnected from the community and loss their sense of belonging.

This issue led me to the following research question: How can small and large-scale spaces contribute to enhance social interaction between neighbour and in a larger community? To solve this problem, this project aims to create a neighbourhood around a town centre. By connecting the site to the beach as well as providing marketplace as a flexible space and semi-private courtyard, people residing in the surrounding area will be able to access and move through the site. Thus, the chances of social interaction increased and leads to community rejuvenation.