Common Courtyard

Tingting Zhu
Rob Harper

Research Question: How to create a safe, warm and supportive environment for young families to raise little kids?

Young families with little kids have many real problems to overcome, e.g. financial pressure, social loneliness, energy for caring little kids and privacy as a young couple. On one hand, these growing families demand their own territory for raising the children safely, however, on the other hand, supports and communications from peers facing the same situation are essential to the inexperienced parents. The proposed neighborhood community at Monterey, an eastern suburb in Sydney, attempts to provide a solution to solve such anxieties whilst preserving enough independence.

The whole community consists of many residential clusters, and within each residential cluster, a number of terrace houses enclose a common courtyard for all the residents to use. There are 5-6 different types of building in each court to ensure the diversity in residents and façade. The highlight of this design is the common courtyard, which provides an open and semi-private space for all families within the same court to use and enjoy. The large courtyard provides a safe space for the kids to play, to make friends with and to grow together; it is also a relaxing place for the exhausted parents to share their
experiences and to care and support each other.

This design aims to restore the neighborhood relationship in modern society by creating a closer and warmer community for the young families and their children.