Atelier Ultimo

Stefanus Alfredo Tedy
Dr. Phillip Oldfield, Ivan Ip, Mehrnoush Rad

Australia is heading towards a service-based economy, while goods manufacturing, mining, and construction is on a decline. However, this doesn’t mean the latter are less relevant as skill shortages are consistently indicated, especially on craft and construction fields, signifying demand. Fortunately, these fields are currently evolving with the implementation of Industry 4.0. Collaboration between professionals, institutes, and public proves to be essential for the change. This proposal aims to accommodate degree apprenticeship, foster collaboration, and integrate digital-analogue craft.

The school teaches masonry, metal, and timber craft and construction. The design consists of three programs: podium with heavy brick facades and post-tension reinforced concrete slabs containing terraced workshops and teaching space. A public space above the podium on Jones Street level with a makerspace, a library, and a café with a pedestrian thoroughfare connecting to Wentworth Park. A lightweight glulam tower consisting of teaching spaces and three interconnected design studios on the top.