Eric Delun Wen
John Gounios

Reclaimation is a Botanical Garden/ Indigenous Culture centre aimed at raising awareness on the limited land availability and adverse the effects of deforestation has on the environment. Reclaimation strives to achieve this through an exposure to nature and also providing an example for the ways of alternate city development in the future. The primary architectural strategy behind the project was a response to the existing fabric of the island, with industrial intrusions into what would otherwise be an undisturbed vegetated knoll; feature a strategy that blends harsh geometric forms as a representation of the man-made being interweaved with natural elements to stimulate what would appear to be a natural ‘reclamation’ of the island.

Programmatically, the civic centre intends to bring communities together through means of collaboration, debate and gathering in order to foster a collective appreciation and genuine concern for the pressing environmental issue of land use in Australia. This provided through platforms such as gallery spaces, communal gardens and a collaborative education centre, whilst also providing hospitality and recreational spaces that are curated for an enjoyable and memorable experience on Goat Island