Adaptive And Responsive Domestic Environments

Supervisor: Dr Christian Tietz

This ID Honours research stream on adaptive and responsive domestic environments is open to students who can demonstrate that they are able and well equipped to investigate hyper dense domestic living scenarios.

The global population will reach 9.3 billion by 2050 and 70% will live in urban areas. This will have profound implications for city living. In order to maximise floor space the historic notion of static rooms with fixed layouts will not be able to prevail, instead new ways of utilising the existing floor space to maximum need to be developed. This requires investigating current technologies such as robotically operated furniture and to explore resulting opportunities for near distant future living.

Integrating technology into furniture will also increase the range of activities and support elderly in living and ageing in place while providing a sense of independent living.

This research topic stream requires a good understanding of technology ands how it can be integrated into furniture to arrive at new ways of inhabiting space. It also requires the student to investigate how interaction with this new typology of hybrid furniture would occur.

You will need to apply design research methods and make working prototype mock ups to evaluate the feasibility of your suggested concepts.




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