Marketing & Communications Unit

The Marketing & Communications Unit plays a key role in providing marketing and promotional support to UNSW BE and its programs. The unit actively promotes UNSW BE as a distinctive, innovative leader in the delivery of research and education to support the development of sustainable built environments.

Promotion of UNSW BE includes the development and implementation of a range of marketing and communication strategies, events and programs, which market the Faculty and assist in building relationships with government and industry in Australia and overseas.

Our brand, UNSW BE, is an extension of the perceptions and feelings formed about the Faculty, its programs, staff, activities and its performance. The Marketing & Communiations Unit is responsible for creating meaningful messages about the brand through words, ideas and images that articulate and reinforce the promises the Faculty makes to partners. Furthermore, the Marketing & Communications Unit is responsible for ensuring that approved messages and images are delivered consistently, by every member of the Faculty.

Unit Manager

Marie Caccamo
Business Partner - External Relations